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Great game. And the person under me is rather dumb (No offence) claiming that this game is not a reals Sims game. It means simulation.
It gets a little repetetive, so the save function was great

Very nice!

Great so far. Sorry to hear about it costing $1000 US DOLLARS or 678.179 Pounds, or 715.939 EUROs. I don't see why it costs so much. I will try to donate a reasonable amount of money.

davideo7 responds:

Games are expensive to make, take a look at some of the games for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, they cost millions and millions of dollars to make. I'm sure the original Super Mario Bros even cost close to $250,000 to make, if not more.


I was light/silver. That was great!


Great game. Great idea. But just that I got 31660 points, and then the bar stopped coming down, so there was no way of me to die. So I couldn't submit my score at the end. Great music too though. And design.

Deadclever23 responds:

Yeah, that's a bug I gotta fix.

THAT WAS AN AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was acetasticly AWESOME! Wht's with all the 5's and below?!?!? That was an ace game! I thought it was really hard! Although it's short, it's still fantastic. Add more levels! Favourited - 10/10 - 5/5 - AWESOME!


bu the upload and email doesnt work
I have sent u pm plz read


Hope you get on well with making SuperSmashFlash 2. I had an idea for it. I had a thought to organise the controls like this:
a - taunt
s - grab / when grab done sheild
x - normal attack / select on menu
c - special attack / back on menu
Up - jump / with c up special move
Down - Crouch / with c down special move
Left - Left
Right - Right
d - Taunt two
z - Shield
Enter - Start / pause
Esc - (menu) Back to front page
Space - Start

Just a thought. Reply back and tell me what you think!

Anyway, great game. You say this is your first game, and your under 16? I'm under 16, and I'm nowhere near that standard. I just got flash, an' I am experimenting, but i dont know how to make things like make controls, or anything. If you know any tutorials, that would be great.

I like to use super-sonic, I think he is the best character on the game.

Ive found one thing though. I think they jump a little too high. When you jump out of the top of the screen, you die, wheras on super smash bros series, you can jump however high you want, without being killed. You only die when you get hit upward. I don't know what you could do about this, maybe make it so that at any point you cannot jump to the top of the screen and die. Then again, it isn't much of a problem. Great game, still.

I agree with HeroSuperFlash below me,
"It's one of the Best on this site that is SSBs Related so Great job!"

I like the adventure mode, and I think you should keep an adventure mode for ssf2, and not just clear it to make way for your version of the subspace emissary. If you can't, try to copy it onto the new game, that would be great.

Love the site,and the dojo, I get loads of info from there!

I can't wait for the sequel. When will it be released? I was told summer 2008, but its past then...

Anyway, try to get back to me, and also I would love to host Sf1 and 2, all my friends love this game too.




Don't know what all the fuss is about,

It's really good actually.
Good work


Make one with blood


Yeah, great demo. I loved the prequel... Anyways, maybe add a choice of music. i think the music fits very well

Maxwelldoggums responds:

Thanks. I'll make some different songs in there.

Hi, I am Grimdarkai99, and I make music for Newgrounds, but I am also working on flash projects coming soon.

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