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Happy Phace :)

7794 responds:

Haha thanks for the 10!

Absolutely fantastical!

Great flash! Best I've ever seen on Newgrounds, and one of the few that made me literally laugh out loud! You perfected this.


Robotic Octopus Snowman rules! I completely disagree with iMag and AlmightyTighty, this was AWESOME!Hope you win the Christmas competion this year! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I voted 5/5 on this flash
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I rated this flash 10/10
Oh, by the way, one last thing;
Robotic Octopus Snowman rules!

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Great game. And the person under me is rather dumb (No offence) claiming that this game is not a reals Sims game. It means simulation.
It gets a little repetetive, so the save function was great

Very nice!

Great so far. Sorry to hear about it costing $1000 US DOLLARS or 678.179 Pounds, or 715.939 EUROs. I don't see why it costs so much. I will try to donate a reasonable amount of money.

davideo7 responds:

Games are expensive to make, take a look at some of the games for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, they cost millions and millions of dollars to make. I'm sure the original Super Mario Bros even cost close to $250,000 to make, if not more.


I was light/silver. That was great!

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Wow. Now I agree with your thing on your page:

You wanted the best? well here i am.

I can say nothing more.

e991e responds:

Epiiccccc hhaha glad you like it
Thanks for the review!


Hey, It's GD99, you said I should check out this peice. It's a very 'suspensful' peice. I agree with other people below me who have commented, it does sound like a Metal Gear Solid peice, or like an army game, or something like that. If you were aiming to get a 'suspenseful peice', then maybe you could add in a violin or viola riff, or have a bass grand piano playing semibreves on different chords. You could also try having a flute or wind instrument, as you are going for an orchestral peice. I can see how the song builds up, ever so gradually, but maybe it should go somewhere, into a main riff or somthing, then it dying down again, but gradually, so you can't tell that it is dying out. Something like that.
Anyways, what programs do you use? I use Sibelius software.
So anyway, love your music, and please try to get back to me!


DavidOrr responds:

Great suggestions, all noted!

I do have and regularly use Sibelius, but for most of the music here I use Cubase 4 along with a mixture of East West sounds (Symphonic Orchestra, Choirs, and Ministry of Rock).

Thanks for the review!


Fabulous song! Nice Work dude

Hi, I am Grimdarkai99, and I make music for Newgrounds, but I am also working on flash projects coming soon.

Jay G @grimdarkai99

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